RMCS Debugging

Here are some problem symptoms that people have bumped into when trying to use the NGS RMCS and RCommands servers.

  • RCommands authentication refused.

Both Gen-Tao and I get the 'Authentication failed' message form the new RCommands server: Andrew walker 14:34, 12 Jun 2008 (BST)

[ngs0348@ngs ~]$ /apps/Rcommands/0.3.0/bin/Rinit Rinit: Authentication failed

Resolved : This was a combination of rcommands.config settings and missing user details in rsession database --Jonathan churchill 16:11, 13 Jun 2008 (BST)

  • RCommands WSDL not available.

For my python interface to the RCommands to work, it needs to be able to read the WSDL file, but I cannot see this at https://sc2.esc.rl.ac.uk:8443/axis/services/rcommands?wsdl - the WSDL for RMCS looks fine at https://fs6.ngs.rl.ac.uk:8443/axis/services/rmcs?wsdl Andrew walker 14:34, 12 Jun 2008 (BST)

Resolved: Tomcat on sc2.esc server occasionally won't serve out WSDL. A file of the correct WSDL is provided with the RCommands-0.3.0 tar file in the src directory. --Jonathan churchill 16:16, 13 Jun 2008 (BST)

  • Myproxy/SSL Errors.

I have recompile the rmcs client (0.1.2) on iguana and giving the new server address when I submit the jobs, I got an error seems from getting proxy delegate. 30362 0611-1 SUBMIT-FAILED 2008-06-11 14:30 MyProxy? Error - : s3_clnt.c:842: in library: SSL r 30363 0612-1 SUBMIT-FAILED 2008-06-12 14:42 MyProxy? Error - : s3_clnt.c:842: in library: SSL r ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Resolved: This is caused by incorrect eScience root CA certificates on the client host. --Jonathan churchill 16:16, 13 Jun 2008 (BST)

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