MCS Dev/ RN1.4.0

MCS version 1.4 was released ( in September 2007. It is used behind RMCS 0.1.2, which is currently deployed on the production server.

Release notes:

  • In order to allow submission to GT4-WS gatekeepers it is necessary to have recent middleware installed (at least Globus 4.0 and Condor 6.8.5). In particular, bugs in all versions of Condor prior to version 6.8.5 make it impossible to use MCS to run GT4-WS jobs from within a firewalled environment.
  • MCS no longer supports multiple scheduling databases.
  • Static MCS configuration is now driven by a mcs.ini file, rather then by modification of the first lines of the code.


  • Some improvement to the input file format. The tags "rhome", "globusscheduler", "srbhome", "AgentXLibs", "transfer_executable", "transfer_output", "transfer_error", "notification", "log" and "universe" are no longer valid. List input can now be delimited by whitespace or commas throughout. We allow multiple SGet and SPut lines per SDir block.
  • Execute machines can now be selected on a per-grid basis using the "preferredGridList" tag. This supplements the existing host based selection using the "preferredMachineList" tag. Machines can belong to any number of grids (and can belong to no grids) and we currently define the nw-grid, ngs and eminerals grids. Grid names are not case sensitive.
  • We now store a UUID as part of the default metadata collected by AgentX. This is designed to work with recent versions of FoX and allow a link from the data store to the metadata database. If no UUID can be found the null value is inserted.
  • Support for arbitrary pre and post script extension. Using the "extraPreScript" and "extraPostScript" tags it is possible to run commands after the pre script has downloaded the input files or before the post script extracts metadata or uploads the output files. This has multiple uses from converting input from DOS to UNIX file formats and making partial XML documents well formed, to building a complex multi-job workflow. The extra pre and post scripts run on the cluster head nodes and are limited to approximately 10 minuets of wall clock time.
  • Support job simultaneous scheduling to multiple types of middleware (currently GT4-WS and the pre-WS GRAM but this is an extensible framework). MCS should now be seen as a data and compute grid aggregator.
  • In debug mode we now include the URI of AgentX .rdf and .owl files.
  • The pre-script now has user specified and per-machine environment variables set.

Bug fixes:

  • Metadata is no longer silently truncated if it exceeds the length imposed by the RCommands database schema. Instead the truncated data ends with "***TRUNCATED DATA***" in the database and a warning (which includes the full untruncated data) is inserted into out.err.
  • Multiple bug fixes and minor enhancements to the webDAV pre- and post- scripts.
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