GridTech Developers' Notes and All Hands Conference Papers.

A set of technical papers containing notes for developers in IeSE, the Integrated e-Science Environment being developed by the CCLRC e-Science Centre and their collaborators, and related projects is being produced. The current set is listed below [all PDF format]. Other conference and journal papers will be referenced on the individual project Web sites, see .

  1. An Integrated e-Science Environment for CCLRC: Grid Portals, HPC Computation, Data Management and Advanced Visualisation (R.J. Allan, D. Hanlon, K. Kleese van Dam, S. Sufi, D.R.S. Boyd, L. Sastry and B. Matthews)
  2. IeSE: Project Definition, Use Cases and Component Specifications (R.J. Allan, K. Kleese van Dam, L. Sastry and B. Matthews)
  3. XML Schema for e-Science Projects, Grid Users, Applications and Resources (R.J. Allan, X.D. Wang, A.J. Richards, D. Chohan and M. McKeown)
  4. UDDI and WS-Inspection for e-Science (R.J. Allan, D. Chohan, X.D. Wang, M. McKeown and J. Colgrave)
  5. Generic Shopping Cart Services (R.J. Allan and G. Drinkwater)
  6. Portal Services and Distributed Session Management (R.J. Allan)
  7. Programming the Grid using non-interactive Processes (R.J. Allan and J. Kewley)
  8. Service Classes (R.J. Allan)
  9. Distributed MyProxy Authentication Service Agents (R.J. Allan, G. Drinkwater, A.J. Richards and R.P. Tyer)
  10. Workflow for Management of complex Scientific Processes (R.J. Allan, R.P. Tyer and A.J. Richards)
  11. Data Management using SRB (R.J. Allan, A.L. Braimah, J. Kewley and D. Grose)
  12. SOFER: the Service Oriented Framework for Education and Research (R.J. Allan)
  13. XML Registry for a Single-User Desktop Application (R.J. Allan and P. Couch)
  14. Glossary of Standards, Specifications and Protocols (R.J. Allan)
  15. Fish and Chips a piece of creative writing. (R.J. Allan)
  16. WSRF Tutorials (A. Akram)
  17. RBAC in Sakai (R.J. Allan and X. Yang)

Reference notes on service classication and standards (ongoing work of the JISC Working Group for the Open Technology Framework for Education and Research is contained in IeSE-8 and the ETF Web site.

All Hands Conference Papers.

An additional set of papers presented at the annual UK e-Science All Hands Conference is listed below.


  1. Grid Information Services (R.J. Allan, D. Chohan, X.D. Wang, A.J. Richards, M. McKeown, J. Colgrave, M. Dovey, M. Baker and S.M. Fisher)
  2. Providing a Software Toolkit to enable Operational Monitoring and Grid Integration (D. Baker, S.J. Cox, J. Hillier, M. McKeown and R.F. Fowler)
  3. Middleware, Applications and Tools deployed at Level 2 (R.J. Allan et al.)
  4. GridMon -- Grid Network Performance (M.J. Leese, R. Tasker)
  5. GriMon Plug'nPlay Network Performance Monitoring (M.J. Leese, R. Tasker)
  6. Building the e-Minerals Mini-Grid (R.P. Tyer, L.J. Blanshard, K.K van Dam, R.J. Allan, A.J. Richards and M.T. Dove)
  7. Advanced Grid Computing (A.J. Richards, R.J. Allan, G. Drinkwater and K. Kleese)


  1. Grid Tool integration in the e-Minerals Project (M. Calleja et al.)
  2. e-HTPX: HPC, Grid and Web-Portal Technologies in High Throughput Protein Crystallography (R.J. Allan et al.)
  3. Virtual Research in the UK: Advanced Portal Services (M. Baker, H. Ong, R.J. Allan and X.D. Wang)
  4. Portal Framework for Computation within the e-Minerals Project (R. Tyer, M. Calleja, R. Bruin, C. Champan, M.T. Dove and R.J. Allan)
  5. ReDReSS Portal Services for Awareness and Training (R. Crouchley, A. Fish, R.J. Allan and D. Chohan)
  6. Towards a Common Data and Command Representation for Quantum Chemistry (R.J. Allan, P. Couch, P. Knowles and P. Sherwood)
  7. The CCLRC Data Portal (G. Drinkwater and S. Sufi)
  8. GRENADE (M. Foster, D. Hanlon et al.)
  9. HPC and Grid Applications in High Throughput Protein Crystallography (R. Keegan, D. Meredith, G. Winter and M.D. Winn)
  10. Grid network performance monitoring (M. Leese and R. Tasker)


  1. Virtual Research Environments: Sakai Demonstrator (R.J. Allan et al.)
  2. A Service Oriented Architecture for Portals using Portlets (A. Akram, D. Chohan, X.D. Wang, X. Yang and R.J. Allan)
  3. WSRP re-incarnation of Service Oriented Architecture (A. Akram, R.J. Allan and R. Crouchley)
  4. From Condor Pool to Campus Grid (C. Beckles, J. Kewley, C. Chapman and D. Wallom)
  5. GROWL VRE (M. Hayes et al.)
  6. Towards Data Interation for Computational Chemistry (P. Couch, P. Sherwood, R.J. Allan, P. Knowles, R. Bruin and M.T. Dove)
  7. A Web Portal for the National Grid Service (X. Yang, D. Chohan, X.D. Wang and R.J. Allan)
  8. Portal Design, Synchrotron and HPC Services in e-HTPX - A resource for High Throughput Protein Crystallography (D. Meredith, ..., R.J. Allan)
  9. Factors Influenging the Early Adoption of e-HTPX within Structural Based Drug Design (M.T. Gleaves)
  10. e-Science usability: the e-Minerals Experience (M. Dove, R.P. Tyer, ... R.J. Allan)
  11. The e-Minerals Project: developing the concept of the Virtual Organisation to support collaborative work on molecular-scale environmental simulations (M. Dove, R.P. Tyer, ... R.J. Allan)


  1. Best Practices in Web Service Style, Data Binding and Validation for use in Data-Centric Scientific Applications. A. Akram, D. Meredith and R.J. Allan
  2. A virtual research organization enabled by eMinerals minigrid: an integrated study of the transport and immobilisation of arsenic species in the environment Z. Du, R.P. Tyer, et al.
  3. Using eScience to calibrate our tools: parameterisation of quantum mechanical calculations with grid technologies K.F. Austen, R.P. Tyer, et al.
  4. Anatomy of a grid-enabled molecular simulation study: the compressibility of amorphous silica A.M. Walker, R.P. Tyer, P.A. Couch, et al.
  5. Job submission to grid computing environments R.P. Bruin, R.P. Tyer, P.A. Couch, et al.
  6. A Lightweight, Scriptable, Web-based Frontend to the SRB R.P. Tyer, et al.
  7. Application and Uses of CML within the eMinerals project T.O.H. White, R.P. Tyer, et al.


  1. Virtual Research Environments: Sakai VRE Demonstrator R.J. Allan, X. Yang, R. Crouchley, A. Fish and M. Gonzalez
  2. GROWL Scripts: Lightweight Access to Grid Resources J. Kewley, A. Braimah and R.J. Allan
  3. Science carried out as part of the NW-GRID project using the eMinerals infrastructure J.M.H. Thomas, R.P. Tyer, R.J. Allan, J.M. Rintelman, P. Sherwood, M.T. Dove, K.F. Austen, A.M. Walker, R.P. Bruin, L. Petit and M.C. Durrant
  4. Experiences with different middleware solutions on the NW-GRID J.M.H. Thomas, J. Kewley, R.J. Allan, J.M. Rintelman, P. Sherwood, C.L. Bailey, A. Wander, B.G. Searle, N.M. Harrison, S. Mukhopadyhay, A. Trewin, G.R. Darling and A.I. Cooper
  5. A JSDL Application Repository and Artefact Sharing Portal for Heterogeneous Grids and the NGS D.J. Meredith, M. Maniopoulou and A.J. Richards
  6. ShibGrid, a Shibboleth based access method for the National Grid Service David Wallom, David Spence, Kang Tang, David Meredith, Jens Jensen and Anne Trefethen
  7. Usable grid infrastructures: practical experiences from the eMinerals project M.T. Dove, A.M. Walker, T.O.H. White, R.P. Bruin, K.F. Austen, I. Frame, G.-T. Chiang, P. Murray-Rust, R.P. Tyer, P.A. Couch, K. Kleese van Dam, S.C. Parker, A. Marmier and C. Arrouvel
  8. Metadata management and grid computing within the eMinerals project R.P. Tyer, P.A. Couch, T.V. Mortimer-Jones, K. Kleese van Dam, I.T. Todorov, R.P. Bruin, T.O.H. White, A.M. Walker, K.F. Austen and M.T. Dove

Interface to CCLRC's e-Pubs system for full list of the Group's publications.

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