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HPC Grand Challenges, Software and Performance

Grid, Cloud and e-Research Software


The North West Grid, NW-GRID, is a collaboration between Daresbury Laboratory and the Universities of Lancaster, Liverpool and Manchester. With the help of NWDA funding, we established and operate a computational Grid comprising of high-performance computing systems coupled by a high-speed private fibre network between the sites. NW-GRID offers world-class services founded in the deployment and exploitation of Grid middleware technologies enabling the capabilities of the Grid to be realised in leading-edge computational science and engineering applications.

For more information see the NW-GRID Web site. You can log onto the portal if you have an account.

The following notes are mainly to remind me about things I did when installing system software.

Gentoo (and other) Linux

What is Linux?


The G-R-Toolkit combines the best software developed at STFC during its e-Science Programme from 2001-2007. It allows users of many applications in computational research to manage their high-performance computing and data and information management tasks directly from their desktop systems. See here for more information and user manual.

Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus Grid

Here is a short introduction to our vision for the DSIC Campus Grid. An NGS Roadshow was held on the campus on 23/8/2010 see NGS Web site.

Some papers mostly relating to the use of Condor.

More information on Daresbury Condor resources is available on the DL Condor pool Web site. There are status pages for the Cockcroft Institute master and the DL master nodes A combined listing is provided here

Note that these pools are dynamic. From 12/3/2009-21/2/2010 all machines were registering with the CI Pool manager node. We are now investigating flocking to give more flexibility.

Further descriptions including installation notes are provided here.

We are participating in the Campus Grid SIG.

Job Submission

This can be from a user's desktop machine using standard Condor scripts (requires the machine to be a submit node) or using the RMCS Web services client, see G-R-Toolkit documentation.

Current Work

We are investigating how to negociate the firewall between subnets on the DL site and how to flock between the DL and CI pools. See information from CamGrid

We will later investigate back-filling the NW-GRID cluster in a similar way to how it is done in Manchester.

Virtual Research Environments and Portals

Sakai is deployed as a collaborative e-Research tool for a number of projects as follows:


Following is a link to the Developers' Resources


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Older e-Science Software

See GridTech TWiki web

GridAndHPC Web Utilities

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