Open Source/ Free Software Alternatives

-- RobAllan - 20 Apr 2010

A related page on cluster software stacks is on the HPC-SIG Wiki.

This section is to collect information about open source or free software which is widely used as an alternative to commercial or proprietary offerings. It has a focus on software relevant for research and HPC systems. There are other sites for more general software, for instance see and We will split this collection into categories off the links below. Mike Croucher's blog is at See also the Open Science Project

A lot of general information can be found via the Open Directory Project and Wikipedia There are also a number of books on this subject, e.g. see Google Books

A report on the breakout session we held at MEW20 on “Open-source alternatives to commercial scientific software” is available here: .

Note many of the free packages are included with Linux distributions such as Gentoo.

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