Graph Plotting, etc.

  • fityk Available versions: ~0.8.9 {doc examples gnuplot python readline wxwidgets} Homepage: Description: General-purpose nonlinear curve fitting and data analysis

  • gle Available versions: ~4.2.0 ~4.2.1 {X doc emacs jpeg png qt4 tiff vim-syntax} Homepage: Description: Graphics Layout Engine

  • gnuplot Available versions: 4.2.5-r1!t 4.2.6!t {X doc emacs gd ggi latex lua pdf plotutils readline svga wxwidgets xemacs} Installed versions: 4.2.6(07:20:44 11/19/09)(X gd pdf readline -doc -emacs -ggi -latex -lua -plotutils -svga -wxwidgets -xemacs) Homepage: Description: Command-line driven interactive plotting program

  • graphviz - suite of network and flow chart plotting tools including Dot Available versions: *2.12 2.20.3!t ~2.22.1!t ~2.22.2!t ~2.22.2-r1!t 2.24.0-r2!t {X cairo cgraph doc examples gnome gtk java jpeg lasi nls pango perl png python ruby tcl tk} Homepage:

  • gri Available versions: 2.12.16-r1!t ~2.12.18!t ~2.12.19!t {doc emacs examples} Homepage: Description: language for scientific graphics programming

  • gwyddion Available versions: 2.10 ~2.12 ~2.14 ~2.16 ~2.18 {X doc fftw gnome kde nls opengl perl python ruby sourceview tiff xml} Homepage: Description: A software framework for SPM data analysis

  • labplot Available versions: ~ {R audiofile bindist cdf debug elibc_FreeBSD fftw gsl hdf5 imagemagick jpeg2k kexi netcdf opengl qhull tiff xinerama} Homepage: Description: KDE application for data plotting and function analysis.

  • pyxplot Available versions: ~!t ~0.7.0 Homepage: Description: Gnuplot like graphing program publication-quality figures

  • qtiplot Available versions: 0.7.7 ~ {bindist doc linguas_de linguas_es linguas_fr linguas_ja linguas_ru linguas_sv python} Homepage: Description: Qt based clone of the Origin plotting package

  • veusz Available versions: 1.4 ~1.5 {doc examples fits} Homepage: Description: Qt based scientific plotting package with good Postscript output

  • xfig - general diagram tool using fig32 language

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