Computational Engineering

Computational Fluid Dynamics


  • Fluent
  • Star-CD

Free/ Open Source

  • Gerris Flow Solver - Tool for generic numerical simulations of flows

  • Code_Saturne: Computational Fluid dynamic solver of either incompressible or expandable flows with or without heat transfer and turbulence. Developed since 1997 at EDF R&D, it is based on a co-located Finite Volume approach that accepts meshes with any type of cell (tetrahedral, hexahedral, prismatic, pyramidal, polyhedral…) and any type of grid structure (unstructured, block structured, hybrid, conforming or with hanging nodes Dedicated modules are available for specific physics such as radiative heat transfer, combustion, magneto-hydrodynamics, compressible flows, two-phase flows. Code_Saturne is portable on Linux PCs and all UNIX platforms tested so far (HP-UX, Solaris, Cray, OSF1, …). It runs in parallel with MPI on distributed memory machines (Origin 2000 and 3000, PC clusters, Cray XT-3, IBM Power PC p575, IBM Blue Gene, IBM Power PC 970 Marenostrum…). Web site:

  • Code_Aster: This software provides, well beyond the standard function of any other thermo-mechanic calculation code, a whole array of analysis methods and multi-physic models. Its application domain extends from seismic analysis, to porous medium, without forgetting acoustics, fatigue, stochastic dynamics… Its models, its algorithms and its solvers have improved in robustness and thoroughness (1000000 lines of code, 200 operators). Completely open, it is chained, coupled and encapsulated in thousands of ways. All in all, the user has complete freedom of choice Web site:

  • Salome: Software that provides a generic platform for Pre- and Post-Processing for numerical simulation. It is based on an open and flexible architecture made of reusable components. Web site:

Structural (FEA)




Free/ Open Source

  • Calculix, , is a free and open source finite element analysis application that uses a similar input format to ABAQUS. It has an implicit and explicit solver (CCX) written by Guido Dhondt and a pre and post processor (CGX) written by Klaus Wittig. The original software was written for the Linux operating system. Convergent Mechanical Solutions has ported the application to the Windows operating system. The pre processor component of Calculix can generate grid data for the Computational Fluid Dynamics programs duns, ISAAC and OpenFOAM. It can also generate input data for the commercial FEM programs Nastran, Ansys and Abaqus.

Electronics and Circuit Design

  • Elmer - Multiphysical simulation software
  • Qucs - Integrated circuit simulator
  • alliance Available versions: ~*5.0.20060509 ~5.0.20070718 {doc} Homepage: Description: Digital IC design tools (simulation, synthesis, place/route, etc...).

  • eagle Available versions: 4.16_p2-r2!s 5.6.0!s {doc linguas_de} Homepage: Description: CadSoft EAGLE schematic and printed circuit board (PCB) layout editor

  • electronics-menu Available versions: ~1.0 Homepage: Description: Creates an "Electronics" desktop menu

  • freehdl Available versions: ~0.0.3 ~0.0.4 ~0.0.6 ~0.0.7 Homepage: Description: A free VHDL simulator.

  • geda Available versions: 1.4.0-r1 ~1.4.1 ~1.4.3 ~1.4.3-r1 ~1.6.0-r1 {debug doc examples gd nls stroke threads} Homepage: Description: GPL Electronic Design Automation (gEDA):gaf core package

  • geda-docs Available versions: ~1.4.3 Homepage: Description: GPL Electronic Design Automation: documentation

  • geda-examples Available versions: ~1.4.3 Homepage: Description: GPL Electronic Design Automation: examples

  • geda-gattrib Available versions: ~1.4.3 {nls} Homepage: Description: GPL Electronic Design Automation: attribute editor

  • geda-gnetlist Available versions: ~1.4.3 Homepage: Description: GPL Electronic Design Automation: netlist generator

  • geda-gschem Available versions: ~1.4.3 {nls stroke threads} Homepage: Description: GPL Electronic Design Automation: schematic editor

  • geda-gsymcheck Available versions: ~1.4.3 Homepage: Description: GPL Electronic Design Automation: symbol checker

  • geda-suite Available versions: ~20050820 Homepage: Description: Metapackage which installs all the components required for a full-featured gEDA/gaf system

  • geda-symbols Available versions: ~1.4.3 Homepage: Description: GPL Electronic Design Automation: symbols

  • geda-utils Available versions: ~1.4.3 Homepage: Description: GPL Electronic Design Automation: utilities

  • gerbv Available versions: 1.0.1-r1 ~2.1.0 ~2.3.0-r2 {cairo doc examples png unit-mm xinerama} Homepage: Description: A RS-274X (Gerber) and NC drill (Excellon) file viewer

  • ghdl Available versions: ~0.27 Homepage: Description: Complete VHDL simulator using the GCC technology

  • gnetman Available versions: *0.0.1_pre20041222 ~0.0.1_pre20060522 ~0.0.1_pre20060522-r1 {doc examples} Homepage: Description: A GNU Netlist Manipulation Library

  • gnucap Available versions: 0.35 ~0.35.20090202 ~0.35.20090611 ~0.35.20090928 {doc examples} Homepage: Description: GNUCap is the GNU Circuit Analysis Package

  • gtkwave Available versions: 3.1.1 ~3.1.6 ~3.1.7 ~3.1.9 ~3.2.0 ~3.2.1 ~3.2.3 {doc examples} Homepage: Description: A wave viewer for LXT, LXT2, VZT, GHW and standard Verilog VCD/EVCD files

  • gwave Available versions: ~20031224 ~20051222 ~20060606 ~20080127 {gnuplot plotutils} Homepage: Description: Analog waveform viewer for SPICE-like simulations

  • kicad Available versions: 20070115 20090320.1666-r2 **99999999 {debug dev-doc doc examples minimal python unicode} Homepage: Description: Electronic Schematic and PCB design tools.

  • klogic Available versions: 1.61 1.63 {debug elibc_FreeBSD xinerama} Homepage: Description: KLogic is an application for easy creation and simulation of electrical circuits

  • ktechlab Available versions: 0.3.6 {debug elibc_FreeBSD xinerama} Homepage: Description: KTechlab is a development and simulation environment for microcontrollers and electronic circuits

  • ng-spice-rework Available versions: ~15 ~17-r1 ~17-r2 ~18 **9999 {X debug doc readline} Homepage: Description: The Next Generation Spice (Electronic Circuit Simulator) from CVS HEAD.

  • oregano Available versions: 0.40.5 ~0.60.0 ~0.69.0 Homepage: Description: Oregano is an application for schematic capture and simulation of electrical circuits.

  • pcb Available versions: 20081128-r1 {dbus doc gif gtk jpeg motif nelma nls png threads tk xrender} Homepage: Description: GPL Electronic Design Automation: Printed Circuit Board editor

  • qucs Available versions: 0.0.12 ~0.0.14 ~0.0.15 {debug} Homepage: Description: Quite Universal Circuit Simulator is a Qt based circuit simulator

  • splat Available versions: ~*1.2.2 ~1.2.2-r1 {doc linguas_es} Homepage: Description: SPLAT! is an RF Signal Propagation, Loss, And Terrain analysis tool for the spectrum between 20 MHz and 20 GHz.

  • systemc Available versions: ~2.2.0!f!t ~2.2.0-r1!f!t Homepage: Description: A C++ based modeling platform for VLSI and system-level co-design

-- RobAllan and Juan.Uribe - 11 Dec 2009

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