Daresbury Laboratory Condor Pool

This static information was last updated 3/3/2009. This pool is currently maintained by Rob Allan and Dave Cable.


Name               OpSys      Arch   State     Activity LoadAv Mem   ActvtyTime

animal.dl.ac.uk    LINUX      INTEL  Unclaimed Idle     0.000  2048  0+02:30:04
beaker.dl.ac.uk    LINUX      INTEL  Unclaimed Idle     0.000  2048  0+01:05:04
bunsen.dl.ac.uk    LINUX      INTEL  Unclaimed Idle     0.000  2048  0+01:15:04
fozzy.dl.ac.uk     LINUX      INTEL  Unclaimed Idle     0.000  2048  0+01:10:04
kermit.dl.ac.uk    LINUX      INTEL  Unclaimed Idle     0.000  2048  0+01:05:04
slot1@rjaport.dl.ac LINUX      INTEL  Unclaimed Idle     0.000  1643  0+01:10:04
slot2@rjaport.dl.ac LINUX      INTEL  Unclaimed Idle     0.000  1643  0+23:15:28
slot1@rjavig.dl.ac LINUX      INTEL  Unclaimed Idle     0.000  1643  0+01:10:04
slot2@rjavig.dl.ac LINUX      INTEL  Unclaimed Idle     0.000  1643  0+23:15:28
statler.dl.ac.uk   LINUX      INTEL  Unclaimed Idle     0.240  2048  0+00:00:04
waldorf.dl.ac.uk   LINUX      INTEL  Unclaimed Idle     0.010  2048  0+00:00:04
slot1@tardis.dl.ac LINUX      X86_64 Unclaimed Idle     1.000  1024  0+02:40:04
slot2@tardis.dl.ac LINUX      X86_64 Unclaimed Idle     3.420  1024  1+02:40:49
rjavig6.dl.ac.uk   WINNT51    INTEL  Unclaimed Idle     0.020  2030  3+22:01:52

                     Total Owner Claimed Unclaimed Matched Preempting Backfill

         INTEL/LINUX     11     0       0         11       0          0        0
       INTEL/WINNT51     1     0       0         1       0          0        0
        X86_64/LINUX     2     0       0         2       0          0        0

               Total    14     0       0        14       0          0        0

Forthcoming changes include:

  • Add machines in A27A.
  • Add machines in A27. 2x machines to add plus desktop systems
  • Add machines in A33. New desktop PC plus existing PC.

Installation Procedure on Linux Systems

Further instructions on UW Madison Web site for 7.2.1.

  1. As root, download appropriate distro from Condor Web site into /usr/local/src. If the O/S is not matched, try the generic glibc32 tarball. On Gentoo the RHEL3 dynamic version seems to work. Here is the site for Stable release v7.2.1
  2. Unpack the tarball. This will create something like /usr/local/src/condor-7.2.1
  3. Setup up the condor user, on DL systems this is uid 14168 in group condor which is gid 14168. I've created a script to do this.
  4. In /usr/local/src/condor-7.2.1 run "condor_install --prefix=/opt/condor-7.2.1"
  5. You may have to install libstdc++ or a compatibility layer if you dont already have it. On Gentoo "emerge libstdc++"
  6. cd to /opt and create a soft link by doing "ln -s condor-7.2.1 condor". This will be used in subsequent steps and facilitates easy updates. This is also done by the condor_setup_script mentioned below.
  7. Edit /opt/condor/etc/condof_config to allow appropriate hosts e.g. "HOSTALLOW_READ = *" and "HOSTALLOW_WRITE = *" is suitable for a submit node inside a firewall. Everything else is over-ridden in condor_config.local (see below).
  8. You will need to create the init script. On Gentoo this is /etc/init.d/condor and is of SysV style. A sample can be found in /opt/condor/etc/examples/condor.boot which can be copied over and edited. It is however better to use John Kewley's modified script which has start, stop and restart options. It can be found here.
  9. You need a directory called /opt/condor/local.$(HOSTNAME). This should contain condor_config.local of which this is an example modified for tardis.dl.ac.uk on the DL pool.
  10. If you do not have an /etc/profile.d/condor.sh you need to create one, here is an example. Note, this should have been created by the condor_install command.
  11. "chown -R condor:condor /opt/condor/local.$(HOSTNAME) /opt/condor/etc/condor_config". I've created a script to copy the examples and do this part of the setup and it also does the soft link mentioned above.
  12. Do "/etc/init.d/condor start" and sit back. You can access the Web site at http://tardis.dl.ac.uk/Condor to check the status or do "condor_status -pool condor-main.dl.ac.uk"
  13. Don't forget to put ntpd on the machine too for any distributed computing activity.
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