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This page contains:

- VRE Projects Overview table
- VRE Project Outputs table

VRE Projects Overview

Project Name Lead Site Aim Target Community Technologies Used Standards Used Web Link
SocSciVre Cambridge To provide and support the Sakai platform for large, distributed social sciences research projects. The focus is on activities to investigate the needs of the TLRP researchers and to evaluate the extent to which Sakai meets those needs. Social Science, TLRP project SakaiPortal, DSpace Possibly WSRP
PoliticsVre East Anglia To develop a virtual research and research skills development environment, capable of expansion and of facilitating multiple participation in the rapidly evolving field of the history of political discourse. History of political discourse 1500-1800 SakaiPortal, AccessGrid JSR168, possibly WSRP
SakaiPortalVre Lancaster To address the requirement for a single point of access to a comprehensive set of Grid and collaboration services in a VRE. Generic collaboration and research tools SakaiPortal and WebServices WSRP, JSR168, Shibboleth
GrowlVre Cambridge To build upon the existing prototype GROWL library to produce a truly lightweight extensible toolkit which complements other solutions. Bio-informatics, Chemistry and Stats WebServices, AccessGrid and SakaiPortal
IbVre Oxford To develop a VRE demonstrator to investigate the utility of existing collaborative frameworks to support the entire research process of a large-scale, international research consortium. Integrative Biology uPortal WSRP, JSR168, Shibboleth
HumVre Oxford To build a VRE for the Humanities by investigating how Humanities research can benefit from ICT and by constructing demonstrators in specific fields. Humanities
EvieVre Leeds To test the integration and deployment of key existing software components within a portal framework. Institutional VRE BodingtonVKP
ElviVre Nottingham To produce and demonstrate a practical framework for the effective deployment of a generic VRE. Generic Research business process SunGardSCT
AccessGridVre Manchester Extend the Access Grid's VRE infrastructure with new collaboration functionalities from the CoAKTinG project. Generic collaboration AccessGrid
CheshireVre Liverpool To identify and integrate a number of tools and technologies for the data grid and digital library communities which will support collaborative e-Research across institutions and domains using Sakai. Digital Libraries SakaiPortal and CheshireSoftware JSR 168, JSR 170, possibly OKI
CsageVre Manchester To construct and use of semi-immersive stereoscopic facilities to create an increased level of ‘presence’ within the Access Grid environment and the recording of the performance, in the same format, within a framework playable by a larger community base as and when required. Arts and Humanities AccessGrid
CoreVre Southampton To provide integrated computer support across the research and educational cycles, because these activities are intrinsically coupled as a part of the requirements of the surgeon’s Continuing Professional Development. Orthopaedic Surgeons Chandler SOAP, WSDL/OWL, and JSR-168
SilchesterVre Reading To develop a system to facilitate rapidly developing and iterative archaeological research by synchronising the three processes of gathering information, co-ordinating expertise, and managing the resulting body of data. Silchester Roman Town SakaiPortal
IsmeVre Manchester To develop and refine the experimental steering process, shared workspace and distributed visualisation into a VRE making them deployable by dispersed teams of instrument scientists, material scientists and engineers in a transparent and robust manner. Materials Science GridSphere and AccessGrid
IugoVre Bristol To develop a proof of concept system to enable the integration of web-based content (and references to non web-based content), related to individual conferences and individual sessions within conferences, thus providing a means to provide far great benefit to the wider research community than is currently available from conference attendance. Generic conference organisation   W3C, Metadata standards and ontologies/ vocabularies, WSDL, WSRP, JSR168 and OGSI, RSS

VRE Project Outputs

Project Name Main Outputs Completed by mm/yy
SocSciVre - Requirements document
- DSpace integration and Weaverbird prototypes in Sakai v1.0
- Prototype functionality in Sakai v 1.0
- Report on existing and legacy work processes with collaboration models
- Results of adoption of Sakai v2.0 collaboration tools with recommendations
- Report on new work processes
- Final report
PoliticsVre - User requirements and gap analysis
- Evaluation of Sakai and Access Grid within the humanities
- Sakai development stage 1
- Access Grid development stage 1
- Populated VRE
- AG pilot report
- Evaluation of Sakai and Access Grid as a VRE platform
- Sakai development stage 2
- 2006 Evaluation reports
- Further VRE development
- DIY pack
- 2007 Evaluation reports
- A consortium of HE institutions involved in the VRE
09/05 – 09/07
SakaiPortalVre - Annotated XML schema for describing a collaborative research session
- XML schema, database and interfaces to be used in VRE tools as part of Sakai TPP interface
- Shibboleth federation with project partners
- Tools for generation of Grid credentials using Shibboleth trust fabric
- Integration of PREMIS and management tools for role-based authorisation policies
- JSF for generic portlet interacting with web services
- Integrated delegation of rights based on identity
- Generic interface for peer-to-peer tools based on Gnutella/JXTA
- Comprehensive interface documentation
- Integration of above tools into Sakai (search, collaboration/discussion, analysis, publication/documentation, training and awareness
- Sakai Java stack for downloading the tools
- User documentation
- Online tutorials
GrowlVre - Client and wrappers to existing VRE resources and services
- Integration of SRB services into GROWL
- Integration of NetSolve services into GROWL
- Clients for National Grid Service
- Clients for Condor resource pools
- Investigation of new authentication and authorisation frameworks
- Evaluation of GROWL for bioinformatics & recommendations
- Evaluation of GROWL for chemistry and physics & recommendations
- Evaluation of GROWL for social science stats analysis & recommendations
- Web service wrappers to
- Extend GROWL client-side functionality to address workflow requirements
- Integrate extended GROWL client-side functionality with existing C, Perl and R environments
- Web service wrappers to chemistry applications
- Web service wrappers to a selection of functionality of the SABRE package
- Implemented GROWL generic Grid functionality in existing GUI interfaces, e.g. DL_POLY and R commander
- Link GROWL interface to SRB
- Build chemistry applications into simple workflow using GROWL library calls
IbVre - User requirements document with use-cases
- Reports on user acceptance
- A set of component tools for incorporation into the VRE
- Development and production environments with software tracking tools
- Integrative Biology tools packaged in a VRE
HumVre - A report on the findings from a survey of the use of ICT in Humanities projects at Oxford
- A report analysing and identifying the needs of the research community
- A report analysing and identifying existing VRE tools appropriate for deployment
- 2-3 demonstrators
- A formative report evaluating usability with overall recommendations
EvieVre - A user requirements analysis report with recommendations
- A system integration route map
- A demonstrator system
- A report on digital preservation requirements for VRE systems
- An implemented JSR168 Portlet(s) for library services
- A visual front-end to the resource discovery services
- A report summarizing the applicability of FAST classification for classifying content
- A taxonomy for use within EVIE
- Simplified-sign-on mechanisms
- Developed channel
- Complete working system
- User documentation
ElviVre to be completed  
AccessGridVre - Voyager evaluation & development
- CoAKTinG tools, Meeting Replay
- User documentation
CheshireVre - A digital library middleware for Sakai
- Cheshire support for JSR168 portlet spec, JSR 170 content repository spec, and OKI digital repository API
- A Multivalent browser interface for Sakai 2
- Electronic notebook
- A requirements matrix for Humanities and Sciences
- A system overview document
- Reference implementations for e-Science and Humanities domains
CsageVre - AG modules with immersive stereoscopic features
- Recording and playback tools that can be used on any AG node
- User report
- A standard definition for stereoscopic AG streams
- Storage of stereoscopic AG streams
CoreVre - Stakeholder requirements spec
- Report on Design of the SOA
- Software for implementing the SOA
- Report on the Design of Services
- Software for the services
- Project Report on Demonstrator
SilchesterVre - User requirements document
- Data entry and access program module
- E-conferencing program module
- Fully populated database
- Interoperability program module
10/05 – 10/06
IsmeVre - Assessment report on GridSphere or relevant tools
- First VRE based around porting existing EBS toolkit
- Extended VRE
- User feedback report
IugoVre - User and stakeholder needs analysis report
- Review report of existing practices and technologies used in conference information management and dissemination
- Review report of learning from previous and existing web-based information integration projects
- Report of investigation of the feasibility and wider issues
- Generic framework specification document
- Proof of concept conference/academic event information integration system
- Report covering proof of concept system design, evaluation and lessons learnt
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