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Acer Ferrari 3400 Laptop Unfortunately this beast died at 18:00 on 4/12/07 with a motherboard fault. See http://gentoo Acer Ferrari 3400 .
Acer Ferrari 4000 What I did wrong... OK, I have to admit that on 29th September 2009 I trashed the portage on this system. I wanted to install OpenOffice 3.0 so...
Acer Ferrari 4005 Laptop Newly acquired, so as yet to test, but see http://gentoo Gentoo Acer Ferrari 4005WLMi Manual for a good introduction.
Acer T180 This is my office desktop system. It is a dual core Athlon 4200 2.2GHz system with 560GB SATA disc (now 660GB, see below) and 2GB memory. This system was...
GNU Build System (Autotools) RobAllan 04 Mar 2010 For an overview, see the Wikipedia article: build system A typical bootstrap...
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