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TWiki's Visualisation web http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/Visualisation The Visualisation web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2019 by contributing authors TWiki Administrator [] The contributing authors of TWiki TWiki Home - this site is powered by TWiki(R).Visualisation http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/Visualisation http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/pub/TWiki/TWikiLogos/T-logo-140x40-t.gif WebHome http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/Visualisation/WebHome This is the Daresbury Science and Innovation Campus Web Server for some community building projects. STFC Scientific Computing Department Visual Analytics and... (last changed by MartinTurner) 2019-12-10T12:28:12Z MartinTurner CCPiTomo http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/Visualisation/CCPiTomo CCPi Tomographic Imaging `Wedged as we are between two eternities of idleness, there is no excuse for being idle now` Anthony Burgess CCPi links and work carried out... (last changed by MartinTurner) 2019-12-09T20:32:25Z MartinTurner VisSeminars http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/Visualisation/VisSeminars Past and present seminar information including links for visualisation. Seminars and vis sessions (http://tinyurl.com/STFCVisSem) across the sites: Tomo and... (last changed by MartinTurner) 2019-12-06T14:05:27Z MartinTurner ActionList http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/Visualisation/ActionList Rolling Items: An optimist may see a light where there is none, but why must the pesimist always run to blow it out?Rene Descartes Quotes: Generic statement... (last changed by MartinTurner) 2019-09-08T19:58:18Z MartinTurner CCPiFlagship http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/Visualisation/CCPiFlagship FLAGSHIP Initial pre kickoff meeting and CCP core integration process: plus follow on meetings Introductions and roles of related participants. Conventional X ray... (last changed by MartinTurner) 2017-08-14T18:44:08Z MartinTurner CCPSecretariatRole http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/Visualisation/CCPSecretariatRole CCP Secretariat Activities Items carried out in role for CCP Secretariat actvities: The role combines administrative with diplomatic skills as well as accountancy... (last changed by MartinTurner) 2017-06-07T20:50:27Z MartinTurner ProjectsCCP http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/Visualisation/ProjectsCCP CCP Visualisation Use Cases `If you want to have good ideas you must have many ideas`, Linus Pauling Through the EPSRC SLA and via the University of Manchester we... (last changed by MartinTurner) 2016-10-03T10:47:25Z MartinTurner WebIndex http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/Visualisation/WebIndex See also the faster WebTopicList (last changed by PeterThoeny) 2001-11-24T11:41:09Z unknown
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