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CCP Visualisation Use Cases


"If you want to have good ideas you must have many ideas", Linus Pauling

Through the EPSRC SLA and via the University of Manchester we have been asked to coordainte some visualisation surveys across certain disciplines. This is to inform current uses aas well as indicate trends and developemnt for future collaboration and high impact visualisation uses. The aim is to complete the initial tasks by October 2014, but evaluate the use and practicality of such a system for long term embedding into a visualisation service. Details from all uses will be in a public site based in the University of Manchester. This site is a community wiki site to list a draft set of pointers and results. Public links at:

Main wiki is at the University of Manchester





Main blog is at:


Details of visualisations for groups.

  • Follow up survey:https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VLFM7XH
  • CCP4 in consultation
  • CCP5 in consultation
  • CCP9 in consultation
  • OpenFOAM - SoFT survey for CFD been sent
  • ...
  • Previous CCP1 – missing contacts details
  • Previous CCP3 – mailed Simon Crampin, University of Bath
  • Previous CCP6 – mailed Marko Critas, Cambridge University
  • Previous CCP13 – mailed Nick Terrill, Diamond Light Source
  • Previous CCP14 – mailed Will Bisson
  • ...

CCP SLA subset work-packages: Visualisation components (V-WP1-4)

Martin Turner and Tim Morris, University of Manchester

V-WP1 (2 months)

Visualisation use report and survey: sample of visualization tools/use/support across the currently funded CCPs (Collaborative Computational Projects - EPSRC and other RC's funded communities, as coordinated by Daresbury, STFC) The purpose is to provide a resource for researchers across the EPSRC remit focussing on the computational simulation communities. About half of the current UK Collaborative Computational Projects (ccp.ac.uk majority EPSRC funded) have been contacted and initial requirements have been both gathered and catalogued (CCP4, CCP9, CCP12, CCP-ASEArch, CCP-EM and CCPi). Lists are to be refreshed and published on publically available wikis, and cross referenced, to maximise the utilisation of the resource across the projects to all researchers.

Deliverables within the Hartee Centre Visualisation Suites:

CCPi: Products installed and tested and used in demonstrators and practical work for users:

Amira (); AVS (); Avizo (); drishti (); ImageJ (); ParaView (); Slicer3D (); VolView ()

CCP4 / CCP-EM: Products installed and tested and used in demonstrators and practical work for users:

CCP4MG (); Chimera UCSF (); Coot (); JMol (); VMD(); ParaView including Catalyst ()

CCP12: Products installed and tested and used in demonstrators and practical work for users:

FieldView (); ParaView (); SolidEdge Viewer ();

CCP9: Products installed and tested and used in demonstrators and practical work for users:

ParaView (); VisIT ();


Cuda diagnosis (); PhysX ()

Generic: ITK/VTK; Matlab (including Image Processing Toolkits); Blender ()

V-WP2 (1 month)

Extension to include a subset of visualisation use and tools available from the other STFC Facilities and other STRC Campus Centres, including TSB Space Application Catapult and CALTA. Data flow and visualisation requirements for a subset of the STFC major facilities (including the three major EPSRC facilities; ISIS neutron, Diamond Light Source, and CLF (High Powered Lasers)) have commenced to add to the core of the report. Remaining items to be added and combined with published wiki.

Deliverables within the Atlas Visualisation Centre in RAL

ISIS: Products

Mantid data flow system incorporates: mantid(); SigmaPlot(); MathCAD(); tecplot(); ParaView (); ImageJ () as well as VTK/ITK ()

Diamond Light Source: Products

DAWN dataflow system runs on a range of third-party toolkits.

CLF: Products

Slicer 3D (); IrfanView ()

TSB Space Application Catapult have built two new visualisation nodes and software links to be reevaluated due to change of use from show-and-tell to command-and-control center visualisation needs.

V-WP3 (0.5 month)

Second Extension to include a subset of the currently unfunded CCPs, those that were not successful in the last round but are still active communities.

V-WP4 (0.5 month)

Comparative study of German build IBM SuperMUC, integrated visualization plans. There has been initial correspondence with the German SuperMUC system that hosts a visualisation CAVE system and two universities in Australia; visualisation suites at Curtin University and Australian National University.



  • CCPi initial results: been used to focus effort on specific areas and started to make more efficient use of CCPi Core resources.

Slide1.JPG Slide1.JPG Slide1.JPG Slide1.JPG Slide1.JPG Slide1.JPG Slide1.JPG

  • OpenFOAM initial results - due here soon: been used to focus effort on specific areas and started to make more efficient use of CCPi Core resources.

Blog entries: for June to October 2014

  1. Value of Visualisation: is a simple formula available proposal that V = T + I + E + C
  2. !SciVis4All a consortium for the future from EuroVis 2014
  3. Definition of CCP and why Visualisation Matters to them
  4. Definition of SCD within STFC and why visualisaion Matters
  5. Visualisation within RCaH
  6. CCPi main survey results, examples and analysis
  7. CCPi Case Study of example use
  8. OpenFOAM SoFT CFD survey results, examples and analysis
  9. CCP4 and CCP-EM survey results, examples and analysis
  10. CCP9 survey results, examples and analysis
  11. CCP-ASEArch survey results, examples and analysis
  12. CCP12 survey results, examples and analysis
  13. CCP5
  14. CCP-BioSim
  15. CCPN ccP-NC
  16. CCPP
  17. CCPQ
  18. CCP-SAS
  19. ISIS
  20. DLS
  22. TSB SAC
  23. CCP1,3,6,13 & 14
  24. SuperMUC
  25. Curtin University
  26. Australian National University
  27. ...

Initial Document List:

  • CCPi : “Quantitative X-ray tomography”, International Materials Reviews, 2014, Vol. 59 Issue 1.
  • Nature Methods: Supplement on visualizing biological data, VOL.7 NO.3s | MARCH 2010







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