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TWiki's <a class="twikiLink" href="/twiki/bin/view/GridTech/GridTech">GridTech</a> web http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/GridTech The GridTech web of TWiki. TWiki is a Web-Based Collaboration Platform for the Corporate World. en-us Copyright 2020 by contributing authors TWiki Administrator [] The contributing authors of TWiki TWiki Home - this site is powered by TWiki(R).GridTech http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/GridTech http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/pub/TWiki/TWikiLogos/T-logo-140x40-t.gif WebHome http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/GridTech/WebHome This is the Daresbury Laboratory Web Server for the STFC e Science Centre`s Grid Technology Group and grids.ac.uk. You can find out about the projects we work on and... (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) 2011-07-15T09:42:10Z admin CardamomSpicedGingerbread http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/GridTech/CardamomSpicedGingerbread Cardamom Spice Gingerbread The distinctive part of the Sainsbury`s recipe is the overdose of cardamom; I think this works a treat. It really is worth the effort of... (last changed by RobAllan) 2010-03-30T07:40:52Z RobAllan WebPreferences http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/GridTech/WebPreferences GridTech Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the GridTech web. These preferences overwrite the site level preferences in... (last changed by TWikiAdminUser) 2009-01-19T13:30:21Z admin CondorPool http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/GridTech/CondorPool STFC Condor Pool More information is available on the (Condor pool) including the live Condor Status. For information on ongoing upgrades to the pool, please see... (last changed by RobAllan) 2009-01-19T13:04:47Z RobAllan RMCSDocs http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/GridTech/RMCSDocs RMCS Documentation eMinerals Grid Computing Framework Remote My Condor Submit (RMCS) Introduction RMCS is the grid computing framework developed by CCLRC in conjunction... (last changed by RobAllan) 2009-01-19T11:29:20Z RobAllan RMCSInstall http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/GridTech/RMCSInstall RMCS Install and Config The RMCS service is hosted for the eMinerals project on the NGS and will later be extended for use by all NGS users. A description of what... (last changed by RobAllan) 2009-01-19T11:27:06Z RobAllan RMCSMore http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/GridTech/RMCSMore RMCS Detailed User Documentation From the NGS Wiki: The RMCS service is hosted for the eMinerals project on the NGS and will later be extended for use by all NGS... (last changed by RobAllan) 2009-01-19T11:21:27Z RobAllan MCSDevRN141 http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/GridTech/MCSDevRN141 MCS Dev/RN1.4.1 Version 1.4.1 was release in November 2007 Release notes This version fixes two major and long standing usability issues: 1 Failures of the... (last changed by RobAllan) 2009-01-19T11:19:42Z RobAllan MCSDevRN140 http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/GridTech/MCSDevRN140 MCS Dev/ RN1.4.0 MCS version 1.4 was released (http://www.uszla.me.uk/pipermail/mcs devel/2007 September/000042.html) in September 2007. It is used behind RMCS 0.... (last changed by RobAllan) 2009-01-19T11:17:05Z RobAllan MCSDev http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/GridTech/MCSDev MCS Dev This page is to aid the development of my condor submit such that we can continue to add functionality without either introducing new bugs or making the code... (last changed by RobAllan) 2009-01-19T11:11:47Z RobAllan RMCSDebugging http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/GridTech/RMCSDebugging RMCS Debugging Here are some problem symptoms that people have bumped into when trying to use the NGS RMCS and RCommands servers. RCommands authentication refused... (last changed by RobAllan) 2009-01-19T11:07:39Z RobAllan RCommandsTutorial http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/GridTech/RCommandsTutorial RCommands tutorial Objective The objective of this demonstration is to explore how the SRB can be interfaced with some new CCLRC metadata tools to provide a more... (last changed by RobAllan) 2009-01-19T11:04:05Z RobAllan RCommandsUserGuide http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/GridTech/RCommandsUserGuide RCommands user guide Introduction to the RCommands The RCommands framework provides a set of scriptable commands to associated metadata to files stored within a distributed... (last changed by RobAllan) 2009-01-19T10:55:54Z RobAllan RMCSInstallandConfig http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/GridTech/RMCSInstallandConfig RMCS Install and Config The RMCS service is hosted for the eMinerals project on the NGS and will later be extended for use by all NGS users. A description of what... (last changed by RobAllan) 2009-01-19T10:43:50Z RobAllan RMCSOnputFileDirectives http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/GridTech/RMCSOnputFileDirectives RMCS Input File Directives In deploying version 1.3 we discovered a small number of bugs that were related to the way input file parsing is performed. I suspect these... (last changed by RobAllan) 2009-01-19T10:38:11Z RobAllan RMCSandRCommandsOverview http://tyne.dl.ac.uk/twiki/bin/view/GridTech/RMCSandRCommandsOverview RCommands Summary RinitStarts an RCommand session by setting up session filesRpasswdChanges the password for access to the metadata databaseRcreateCreates study, dataset... (last changed by RobAllan) 2009-01-19T10:12:50Z RobAllan
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