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Open Source/ Free Software Alternatives

-- RobAllan - 20 Apr 2010

http://www.2020flossroadmap.org/ -- FLOSS Roadmap 2020

http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/opensource/library/os-newlight/index.html?ca=dnw-1116&ca=dth-o -- IBM article

  A related page on cluster software stacks is on the HPC-SIG Wiki.

This section is to collect information about open source or free software which is widely used as an alternative to commercial or proprietary offerings. It has a focus on software relevant for research and HPC systems. There are other sites for more general software, for instance see http://www.osalt.com and http://alternativeto.net. We will split this collection into categories off the links below. Mike Croucher's blog is at http://www.walkingrandomly.com/. See also the Open Science Project http://www.openscience.org.

A lot of general information can be found via the Open Directory Project http://www.dmoz.org/Science and Wikipedia http://www.wikipedia.org. There are also a number of books on this subject, e.g. see Google Books

A report on the breakout session we held at MEW20 on “Open-source alternatives to commercial scientific software” is available here: http://bit.ly/8SulTc .

Note many of the free packages are included with Linux distributions such as Gentoo.

Other relevant Links

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