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Geographical Information Systems and Geo-sciences

  • GRASS - Geographic Resources Analysis Support System
  • Quantum GIS - Create, visualise, query and analyse geospatial data
  • SAGA - Analysis of spatial data
  • uDig - Spatial data viewer/ editor

  • bt747 Available versions: (1) ~*1.68.22 ~1.68.25 {elibc_FreeBSD} Homepage: http://bt747.free.fr/ Description: MTK GPS Datalogger Device Control

  • gmt Available versions: 4.0 ~4.1.1 ~4.5.0-r1 {doc gmtfull gmthigh gmtsuppl gmttria} Homepage: http://gmt.soest.hawaii.edu/ Description: Powerful map generator

  • gpsbabel Available versions: 1.3.6 {doc usb} Homepage: http://www.gpsbabel.org/ Description: GPS waypoints, tracks and routes converter

  • gpsd Available versions: 2.32!t ~2.38 ~2.39 {X dbus garmin minimal ntp ocean python tntc usb} Homepage: http://gpsd.berlios.de/ Description: GPS daemon and library to support USB/serial GPS devices and various GPS/mapping clients.

  • grass Available versions: (0) 5.4.0 (6) 6.0.1!s 6.2.1!s ~6.3.0!s {X blas ffmpeg fftw gdal gmath jpeg lapack largefile motif mysql nls odbc opengl png postgres python readline sqlite tiff tk truetype wxwindows} Homepage: http://grass.osgeo.org// Description: A free GIS with raster and vector functionality, as well as 3D vizualization.

  • gtk-g-rays2 Available versions: ~1.11 Homepage: http://www.daria.co.uk/gps Description: GUI for accessing the Wintec WBT 201 / G-Rays 2 GPS device

  • josm-plugins Available versions: ~20090301 ~20090401 ~20090504 ~20090719 ~20091011 Homepage: http://josm.openstreetmap.de/ Description: Set of plugins for josm

  • mapnik Available versions: ~0.5.1 ~0.6.0 ~0.6.1-r1 {bidi cairo curl debug doc gdal postgres python sqlite xml} Homepage: http://www.mapnik.org/ Description: A Free Toolkit for developing mapping applications.

  • mapserver Available versions: ~5.4.2 {agg apache2 doc elibc_FreeBSD flash gdal geos java pdf perl php postgis proj python ruby tcl threads tiff unicode vhosts xml xpm} Homepage: http://mapserver.gis.umn.edu/ Description: OpenSource development environment for constructing spatially enabled Internet-web applications.

  • merkaartor Available versions: ~0.11 ~0.12 ~0.13.1 ~0.13.2 **9999 {exif gdal nls proj webkit} Homepage: http://www.merkaartor.org Description: A Qt4 based map editor for the openstreetmap.org project

  • mkgmap Available versions: ~1000 ~1038 ~1080 ~1200 {elibc_FreeBSD} Homepage: http://www.mkgmap.org.uk Description: Tool to create garmin maps

  • qlandkarte Available versions: ~0.7.3 ~0.7.4 Homepage: http://qlandkarte.sourceforge.net/ Description: View and upload map files, track and waypoint data to your Garmin GPS.

  • qlandkartegt Available versions: ~0.13.0 ~0.14.1 ~0.15.1 Homepage: http://www.qlandkarte.org/ Description: View and upload map files, track and waypoint data to your Garmin GPS.

  • qlandkartegt-garmindev Available versions: ~0.2.0 ~0.3.0 Homepage: http://www.qlandkarte.org/ Description: Garmin drivers for qlandkartegt.

  • tangogps Available versions: ~0.9.5 ~0.9.6 ~0.9.7 {gps} Homepage: http://www.tangogps.org/ Description: tangogps is an easy to use, fast and lightweight mapping application for use with or without GPS.

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