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 Do a Google search for "portlet catalog", preferably using a Google API portlet! This survey started as a 5-minute job, so is not complete.
Portlet Exchange - sponsored by NABH, the creators of StringBeans http://www.portletexchenge.com/

has a large quantity of information prosented in a portal and a number of portlets for download: chart, file, inline, JSP, JVM info, report, RSS, table, URL, XSL.

 GEMS - Gems provides a free collection of portlets that could be used in any JSR-168 compliant portal platform https://gems.dev.java.net/

currently has or under development: E-Mail Portlet, Calendar Portlet, Address Book Portlet, Weather Portlet, Sports Scores Portlet, Blog Portlet, RSS Feed Portlet, Calculator Portlet, Image Viewer Portlet, Horoscope Portlet, Google Search Portlet, Ads by Google Portlet, Google Groups Portlet, Amazon Portlet, UPS Tracking Portlet, Fed-Ex Tracking Portlet, Hang-Man Game Portlet, Cards Game Portlet, Cartoon of the Day Portlet, Quote of the Day Portlet, Dictionary Portlet, Thesarus Portlet, Generic Datasource Seach Portlet (wikipedia data, corporate, etc.), Acronym search (internal personel directory, etc..), Voting Portlet.

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