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-- RobAllan - 20 May 2005

Information added from e-Mail received from Chunming Hu 19/5/

I'm pleased to let you know that, CROWN, a Chinese Grid middleware has been released yesterday .

On behalf of the CROWN Project, I am pleased to announce that version 1.0 of the CROWN Middlew are (CROWN 1.0) is now available for download.

CROWN, short for China Research and Development environment Over Wide-area Network, is a middl eware for Grid and E-Science applications in China. The project is supported by grants from th e China National Science Foundation (Project No.91412011) and China 863 High-tech Programme (P roject No.2003AA119030, 2003AA115420, 2002AA113030, etc.) CROWN 1.0 is the first public releas e of CROWN and, due to an extended testing cycle, represents a major advance in toolkit qualit y.

Relevant links for CROWN 1.0 include:

- CROWN Portal (Chinese Version) : http://www.crown.org.cn/

- CROWN Portal (English Version) : http://www.crown.org.cn/en/ - Release notes: http://www.crown.org.cn/en/download/releasenotes1.jsp

- Documentation and Download: http://www.crown.org.cn/download/download.jsp

CROWN 1.0 Release includes the following features:

- GAR: a Grid service archive specification for portable Grid service

- Remote and hot deploy of WSRF/WS-I Services

- Automatically collecting & reporting of resource dynamic

- A distributed Grid information services architecture with soft-state, topology management in

- Advanced GIQL Query language to find available services from RLDS

- An IDE for Grid service development, integrated with Java developing platform

- Enhanced security services, enabling policy-based authentication and authorization.

CROWN 1.0 Release includes the following components:

- CROWN NodeServer: basic running environment for WSRF services in CROWN, an extension of Globus Toolkit 3.9.3 core, which follows OGSA/WSRF specifications.

- Security Components for NodeServer: include message encryption, signature, user authentication and access control, compatible with PKIX, WS-Security, WS-Policy, SAML and XACML

- CROWN RLDS: The information service of CROWN system, used for managing and maintaining the information of resources in CROWN grid environment.

- CROWN Security Services: Domain authentication service and domain authorization service are developed to solve the problem in cross-domain security scenario.

- CROWN Designer: An IDE for development of WSRF services and WS-I services. It is implemented as a Eclipse plug-in.

- CROWN Portal: A web interface for CROWN grid in China. With the portal, you can register a user account and obtain the certificate, submit jobs and monitor the job status. (URL: http://www.crown.org.cn)

- CROWN Portal Scheduler: A simple job scheduler for CROWN Portal. 4 scheduling strategies are implemented in this version of the Scheduler.

We wish to offer our thanks to: - Our talented and dedicated developers!

- Our project members including Beihang University, National University of Defenses Technology, Computer Network & Information Centre of CAS, Tsinghua University and Peking University

- Our collaborators including State Key Laboratory of Numerical Modeling for Atmospheric, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, CAS, State Intellectual Properties Office of China

- Who submitted bugs in our bugzilla databases!

- The institutions that have funded this work, including the National Natural Science Foundation of China, China National High-tech Program (863) of China Ministry of Science and Technology, ChinaGrid Program of China Ministry of Education

Best wishes,

Chunming Hu


HU, Chunming

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