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Links to Material Referenced at the CECAM Meeting

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  Xavier Gonze - Specification of file formats for NANOQUANTA
Links: Nanoquanta Specification Web page
*Nanoquanta Specification Web page
*Talk (pdf)
*Talk (ppt)

Javier Junquera - A proposal for a unified norm-conserving pseudopotential format

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META FILEATTACHMENT attr="" comment="Workshop Report" date="1149268664" name="psik.pdf" path="psik.pdf" size="273513" user="AlbertoGarcia" version="1.1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attr="h" comment="Talk by Xavier Gonze" date="1150280985" name="SpecFFNQ.pdf" path="SpecFFNQ.pdf" size="562573" user="PhilipCouch" version="1.1"
META FILEATTACHMENT attr="h" comment="Talk by Xavier Gonze" date="1150281023" name="SpecFFNQ.ppt" path="SpecFFNQ.ppt" size="609792" user="PhilipCouch" version="1.1"
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